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When performance is important, no other sports nutrition intervention is as powerful as staying well hydrated. Research shows proper hydration dramatically improves performance by enhancing cardiovascular, muscular, respiratory, and cognitive function.1

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The job of a sports drink is to speed fluid absorption, sustain whole-body hydration, fuel active muscles and encourage fluid consumption.2 Only a great-tasting sports drink with the right balance and types of electrolytes and carbohydrates will provide elite-level hydration.3


A sports drink that doesn’t have the right types or levels of electrolytes will be no more hydrating than plain water.4 Sodium and chloride are the key electrolytes to maintainin fluid in the bloodstream.5 Other electrolytes like potassium contribute to whole body hydration.6

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Carbohydrates are essential to help the body rapidly absorb fluid and fuel active muscles, but it must be in the right amount because too much or too little will slow fluid absorption and can cause gastric distress.7 Furthermore, when two types of carbohydrates are used as opposed to just one, the rate of fluid absorption will be optimized.8

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It doesn’t matter how a sports drink is formulated if an athlete won’t drink it. Sweetness level, flavor intensity and other taste characteristics must be appealing during exercise to optimize voluntary fluid consumption.9

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Peer-reviewed published studies demonstrate that GoodSport® provides rapid and significantly longer-lasting hydration than water and traditional sports drinks. 10


GoodSport® is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly to enable athletes to hydrate as soon as they need it.11

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GoodSport® continues to provide hydration for over 2 hours after drinking, long after water and traditional sports drinks have left the body.9

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GoodSport's unique carbohydrate blend has been shown to improve exercise performance and maintain blood sugar levels, helping to sustain carbohydrate delivery to the muscles and brain.9

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Milk has a unique electrolyte profile that’s been proven to hydrate better than water and traditional sports drinks so we ultrafilter it to extract its broad spectrum of electrolytes, B vitamins and carbohydrates to create our clear, refreshing sports drink that delivers elite-level hydration for competitive athletes.

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Stats about GoodSport Drinks

"As a strength and conditioning coach charged with the care of players' health and performance, I've tried a lot of options when it comes to hydration. GoodSport contains only natural ingredients, has more electrolytes, and outperforms everything else we've tried. It has become an integral part of our performance routine."

Ann Crosby, Chicago Sky
Director of Basketball Operations and Strength & Conditioning Coach

"It's well known that milk has the ingredients to provide effective hydration. GoodSport found a way to harness the components of milk in an extremely effective and refreshing sports drink delivering superior hydration from a natural source."

Dr. Bob Murray, PhD, FACSM
Chief Hydration Officer, Head of Sports Nutrition

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