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Hydration Strategies Should be Practiced

It’s been well established that even slight dehydration during competition can significantly impede performance. Do you know how to properly hydrate for optimal performance? With everything that goes into competition, a hydration strategy shouldn’t be left as an afterthought. A hydration plan should be made in advance and it should be practiced, as you would with any other skill needed for competition. So what is the best way to be hydrated?

Consuming beverages during physical activity comes with logistical and gastrointestinal challenges that are amenable to regular practice. It is important to practice fluid replacement during training so that it becomes second nature during competition and helps the gastrointestinal system adapt to consuming increased volumes of fluid and nutrients while active.

Properly hydrating during competition requires cups, bottles, or backpacks that allow for ease of drinking, along with the ability to resupply or access additional fluids when needed. Determine the best system, vessels and replenishment plan for you.

The stomach and small intestine are challenged to maintain a rate of absorption of water and solutes (carbohydrates and electrolytes) to match the increased hydration and carbohydrate oxidation needs of intense training and competition. Practicing drinking during training can improve the ability to consume enough fluid to offset sweat loss during exercise and provide ample carbohydrates to fuel active muscles.

Much research has been conducted on the best way to stay hydrated during physical activity, especially in regards to improving sports performance. GoodSport® has taken this research and developed a sports drink that has been proven to hydrate better than water and other leading sports drinks. Grab the Good™ online or in a grocery store near you.

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