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Drinking GoodSport

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I’m in great shape, why do I sweat so much?

Have you ever finished a tough workout and, drenched from head to toe, wondered, “Why do I sweat so much? Is this normal?” You sweat so much because you are in great shape—and for good reason.  As our fitness improves, so does our sweating response.  The increased sweat during workouts is important because it allows us to stay cooler, which protects both our health and our performance.

So as we get in better shape, we sweat sooner, we sweat over more of the body, and we sweat more overall.  

As we become more fit, we are able to exercise harder and longer, producing more muscle heat in the process.  Sweating during a workout enables us to keep cool because when sweat evaporates from the skin, our body heat is transferred to the surrounding environment.  

Why you sweat so much is also influenced by genetics.  Some people naturally sweat a lot, while others sweat little.  In both cases, getting in better shape will result in more sweating.  Those who sweat a lot have to drink a lot to minimize dehydration.  Sweating may be annoying sometimes, but it keeps us cool and allows us to exercise safely.